Unsuitable for motors

(my SatNav is trying to kill me)



This site was prompted by Featherbed Lane in Somerset – a classic Unsuitable For Motors track providing a cut through from the A37 to the A368.

My SatNav often chooses an adventure – but this was a great one. Fun in a Discovery – not so much fun in a Nissan Primera in full downpour. I had the kids with me and the track was a rutted river cutting through some woodland and steep slopes (“Dad, what is that noise?”  instead of “Are we there yet..”). Not advisable to take roads marked as Unsuitable for Motors – especially in a Primera. I have drivensome rough tracks and bad roads across the world from Southern Africa to the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – so a little lane in Somerset should be achievable. 

So Ithought I would share some of my various GPS and non-GPS adventures, review some SatNav enabled devices and explore the rights of way and driveable tracks in the UK. I’ll get others to share their ‘trips’ too and compare notes.

So this is the start. We’ll post here great drives, green lanes and tracks “Unsuitable for Motors” that you can try (or avoid) for yourselves. Let us know of any you find.

We’ll even have a fun challenge – find the most unsuitable route chosen by your SatNav in ‘My SatNav is trying to kill me!’