Unsuitable for motors

(my SatNav is trying to kill me)


White ways

What a joy the latest freeze has been. Sure it makes life a little harder (certainly for the bird life that has come to depend on my feeder) – but many of the backroads are free of most traffic other than the hardiest Landrover. I have been walking to work along the old somerset pineline railway enjoying rare views of bullfinches, fieldfares and flocks of redwings. The tracks of hares, foxes and badgers and those of the other walkers who use this path. The poor driving conditions show how easy cars are to drive under normal conditions – cars lying abandoned along most roads, the tracks of moments of panic with slipping cars and the sliding backends of BMWs. The over spun wheels, the use of brakes not gears the brief impession of what life would be without the ubiquity of cars.

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